10 Small Bedroom Design Ideas

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10.The Wooden Light Cube
9.Storage Bed with Drawer
8.Bed and Closet Combination
This is another multi-functional furniture that is similar to the storage bed.
7.Sliding Door Media Console
What if you can combine a media console and the display shelves within a limited area, while exposing one area and covering the other one while doing it?
6.Platform Bed
A new platform bed will make your bedroom space feels larger.
5.Storage Platform Bed
What if you can combine a platform bed and a storage compartment?
4.Knee Wall Storage
Although most homeowners think that such a storage compartment is odd, you can still use it as new storage media in your room.
3.Triple Bunk Bed
A bunk bed can be a clever solution for families with more than one kid but they don’t really have a lot of space to use.
2.DIY Bunk Bed
It’s still related to the previous theme of a bunk bed. A two layers regular bunk bed with extra-customized storage areas.
1.Personalized Bed
This is a proof that you can combine different kinds of bed ideas and come out with a unique and one-of-a-kind bed.
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