2020 Kitchen Design Trends! Interior Design Ideas For Your Renovation!

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In this video I discuss the top interior design trends for 2020 that I am seeing for kitchen renovations! I’m revealing all of the best kitchen design ideas and walk you through some practical ways you can get these looks for yourself! These trends include kitchen open shelving, new composite kitchen sinks, matte black faucets and hardware, butcher block countertops, 2 tone cabinetry and more!

Here are the 8 trends I’m seeing as discussed in the video!

1. Kitchen Open Shelving – not for the faint of heart! Creates a beautiful open style and adds intrigue to break up all the cabinetry. BUT you need to be clean and tidy and dust regularly for this to work!

2. Cabinets to the Ceiling – Makes your space feel bigger and is a super elegant alternative to the cropped cabinets of old.

3. Matte Black Kitchen Faucets and Hardware – Matte Black is the hot finish right now as it adds a sophisticated lux element to any space. More of a dramatic look than your typical chrome.

4. Panelled Appliances – Makes your kitchen feel more elegant and streamlined as appliances don’t break up your millwork. More expensive though, so make sure you find room in your kitchen budget first!

5. Butcher block Countertops – An affordable alternative to Quartz and Granite countertops. Really warms up the kitchen with natural wood. Not as durable as stone of course, but much more affordable!

6. Composite Granite Sinks – Made of a resin, pigment and granite, these sinks are hard and durable and come in a range of colors. Honestly, I won’t go back to stainless!

7. Two-Toned Cabinetry – Light on top and dark on the bottom – or flip it! Can be tricky to make sure the colors flow together (although choose neutrals like white for one makes it easier) but it’s a great way to add a pop of color vs the all white kitchen we have been seeing lately.

8. Slim Shaker Kitchen Cabinets – A combo of slab cabinetry and a traditional shaker, this adds detail to your kitchen cabinets without looking too stuffy. Very chic and elegant!

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