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hiiii this was really requested after i made my “5 aesthetic bedroom ideas” video, i only did 3 this time but i really love making these videos!!

ive said this before but i never really decorate my normal builds that much because it’s really expensive (as you’ll see in this video) n i don’t want them to cost too much for y’all so it’s really fun to actually get to decorate without a limit lol

i know these might not fit into any of your houses but i just hope it gives u some sort of inspiration ♡ hope u like the music too lol

[i included the decal codes for all of the decals used after each tour!]

aesthetic #1: retro – 0:10
aesthetic #2: industrial – 1:58
aesthetic #3: country chic – 3:59

also included a bunch of fanart at the end :)))) ty all sm ilyilyily

– find the decals i use here!

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♡how do i slow down videos?

if you’re on a computer: go to the bottom right corner of the video and press on the gear icon (settings!), go to speed, then choose 0.25!

♡what do you use to record and edit?

i record with XSplit Gamecaster and edit with Adobe Premiere Pro!

– music –
fun time – dj quads ☆ extreme energy – musictoday80 ☆ country blues – silent partner ☆ energetic motivation – ashamaluev

outro: sunday best by surfaces


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