3D Water Bubbles wall painting design for interior

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water drops painting for interior walls looks very pleasent.realistic painting of water drop is very easy to do every one in their homes.this is complete DIY tutorial for

how to do wall painting designs yourself,
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Essentially, you do a dark base colour. After that, you identify the source of light, and show that through a bright dot or two on the light side of the droplet, where the light ‘enters’. On the FAR side, where the light is ‘leaving’ the droplet, you paint the base colour in a lighter hue, of the ‘true’ colour of the droplet/gem. After that, around the edge itself, I tend to paint ‘cresents’, inside one another, decreasing in size, and increasing in brightness.

In the case of clear water, the colour will be whatever the water droplet is backed against. A raindrop in front of a leaf will be green. Like a lot of painting, there’s a certain degree of visual slight of hand involved here. A spot of shadow in the right places completes the effect. That’s the problem with water. It doesn’t lend itself well to strong, sharp lines, so you have to work around it.

There are many ways you can decorate your walls on a limited budget.DIY art is a good place to start.

I have to share best designs for you…

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