5 Smart Ways To Organize Your Kid's Room

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Here is what you’ll need!

1. Add Storage

DIY Twine Basket

Cardboard box
Hot glue
Large pillow case

Ensure the bottom of the cardboard box is secure. If necessary, add tape. Push the flaps of the box inside to create and open box.
Starting at the bottom of the box, apply a small amount of hot glue and attach the end of the twine. Carefully add lines of hot glue to box and attach the twine, working upwards. Continue to loop twine around the box until it’s a few inches away from the top.
Cuff a pillowcase halfway down or until you reached the desired size for the lining of your box.
Line the box with the pillowcase, covering the exterior cardboard.

File Holder Organizers

File Holders

Label and use file holders to store toys and small items.

2. Put Away Toys

DIY Lay Flat Storage

Felt or repurposed cloth-like material
One-hole punch
Rope or cord

Fold felt into quarters.
Tie string around a marker. Hold the end of the string at the central corner of the folded material and use the marker to trace an arch. With the felt still folded, cut along the arch with scissors to create a circle.
Use a one-hole punch to make holes around the circumference of the circle.
Thread cord through the holes. Knot the ends of the cord to secure.
Paint to make a car play set.

DIY Roll and Stow Drawers

Drawer chest
16 Screws
4 Small furniture casters
X-ACTO Knife

Gently pull a drawer off its tracks by sliding it out and up.
Take off the knob with your screwdriver.
Using your X-ACTO knife to initiate a peel, pull any liner off of the sides of the drawers.
Tape down a sheet of paper to protect the inside of the drawers from your paint.
Flip over your drawer and mark where you are going to drill in your furniture casters.
Pre-drill holes and then drill your casters into place.
Then roll them out, and tuck them away.

3. Recycle

Diaper Box Shoe Organizer

2 Diaper boxes
Wrapping paper

Remove the top panels from a diaper box.
Cut divider pieces from a second diaper box.
Wrap with wrapping paper and insert the divider pieces into the first box.
Use to store kid’s shoes.

Baby Food Jar Organizers

Baby food jars
Acrylic paint

To remove labeling, soak the baby food jar in soap and warm water for 30 minutes. Take out the jar and remove the label.
Fill the jar with yellow acrylic paint and seal the top.
Shake the jar until all of the inside is covered in paint
Using a small paint brush, use black acrylic paint to draw a smiley face.
Uncover the jar and let it dry for 2 hours.
Use the jar to store toys, crayons, or colored pencils!

Takeout containers

Store toys in clean takeout containers.

4. Organize Drawers

DIY Felt Drawer Organizer
Take a sheet of felt (laying horizontally) and put 3 lines of hot glue on it: one on left edge, one on the right edge and one in the center.
Place another sheet of felt on top of that.
On the new top piece of felt, place 2 lines of glue centered in between the 3 previous lines you made on the first sheet.
Repeat steps 1-3 about 4 times.
Once the glue is dry, cut the felt in half horizontally. Glue the 2 chunks of felt together.
When all the glue is dry, expand the felt to reveal a honeycomb pattern.

Animal Head Knobs
Set the hairdryer to low heat.
Put the hairdryer about 2 in away from the center of the plastic toy.
Heat for about 30 seconds.
Quickly cut the toy in half.
Attach the head half to the drawer with super glue.

5. Add Safety

Pool noodles

Use a clothespin to wrap loose window cords and keep them out of reach.
Cut pool noodles halfway, lengthwise. Attach to any sharp edges in the room.
Put a rubberband around toilet paper to prevent messes.
Put bandages over exposed outlets.

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