50 Navy Blue Bedroom Designs

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Navy blue carries many meanings for many people. For some it is the color of one’s journey into manhood, the color of uniforms and courage, and of serving one’s country and community.

For others it is the thrill of the high seas and simultaneous luxury of yachts and boating parties.

Wherever you fall on the spectrum, there’s no mistaking a navy blue bedroom as anything but a sign of masculine class and a dash of brazenness.

Navy blue is no stranger to the traditional bedroom scheme, but today’s designs run the irresistible gamut of nautical to uptown chic. Blue and white stripes abound in the sailor’s abode, but a deep dusky hue surrounds the uptown gentleman. Because of its eclectic subtlety, navy blue can truly blend into any personal style tableau for the ultimate master bedroom.

A rich shade of navy blue paint can instantly shift a room into masculine mod, while matching bedding and furnishings transform your bedroom into a place of stoic peace and worthwhile pursuits. Navy is for the young at heart but mature in demeanor; it is the color of the man who knows his way in the world, but isn’t afraid to veer away from the path from time to time.

Whether you prefer a few signature pieces to offset your room or intend to go all-the-way navy, this is a color that is hard to get wrong. Bold but understated, timeless but always in the moment, navy is the color of the everyman who somehow still stands apart from the crowd.

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