Air Plants – Home Decoration Inspiration

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Air Plants – Home Decoration Inspiration – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

Hi, my name is Ursula. This is my Brooklyn workshop called Ursi Warrior. Today I am going to start off by showing you some of my air plant designs. Air plants are plants that grow without soil. All they need is moderate light, a little bit of water every week and proper airflow. I design fertilizer for them that helps boost blooming cycles and reproduction.

I am going to first start off by showing you my aquarium dinosaur piece. He is got an air plant coming out of his mouth. Each purchase comes with a unique air plant that will fit the design of the dinosaur. This piece is a shop favorite. His name is Moby. He is a little like a whale with a sea creature growing out of his mouth. And this is a bird cage. It is made of teak, it is Tiffany blue, the bottom slides out. You can pull the air plants in and out from the bottom. There is also a door that opens and closes. It can be hung on a porch or hung inside or displayed on a table. It is really versatile. Really beautiful.


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