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After a busy day we seek respite in our bedroom to relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep. Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams shares bedroom color ideas.

How to choose paint colors depends on the mood you wish to create. The Sea Salt shade from Sherwin-Williams catalog is a delicate shade of aqua with a hint of color. It creates a calm and soothing mood in the bedroom. Sleepy Blue inspires a sense of tranquility. Other bedroom color ideas include Ponder, which has an undertone of gray. It makes for an elegant and restful bedroom. The Sensuous Gray is a versatile shade as it complements both whites and dark accents in black or burgundy.

Silver Strand is a light gray with an undertone of aqua and it helps to set a spa-like mood in your bedroom. The Moody Blue shade is deep blue that can be paired for best effect with mirrored surfaces, crystal light fixtures and mercury glass. Other bedroom color ideas include Dovetail. Dovetail is a soft shade that is perfect for a good night’s sleep. It can be paired with taupe and black or coffee tones. Amazing Gray is the best choice for creating a lounging zone to unwind after a busy day. It’s versatile enough to pair with whites or browns. Ancestral Gold is a wonderful yellow-green shade reminiscent of a sunrise. The last shade is Watery, which is saturated and bright. How to choose paint colors is about matching the color to your lifestyle.

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