Bedroom decorating ideas for kids and Babies when "The Sky's The Limit"…

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Bedroom decorating for children San Diego Interior Design Firm Robeson Design completes the first of 4 installs for summer 2011.
Rebecca and her team take you along for the ride… behind the scenes… of this amazing transformation of 2 little boys bedrooms.
2 year old Charlie and 4 month old Luke get bedroom makeovers most of us can only dream about. With a sports theme in mind,
Rebecca creates magical bedroom spaces designed to take the boys from infant to toddler, to young adults.
Clearly, Interior Design is a luxury. We hope you enjoy watching this “Extreme Bedroom Makeover”

To watch the “Guest Bedroom” video of this same home …Link Here:
Interior Design… Bedroom, Ralph Lauren

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Robeson Design, a professional Interior Design firm in San Diego California, specializes in high-end custom home interiors.
If you would like to know more about Robeson Design visit our website at


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