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සුව පහසු වටපිටාවක් Bedroom එකේ හදා ගන්න එක ගොඩක් මුදල් වියදම් කරත් හොඳින් කර ගන්න බැරි වෙන්න පුලුවන්.
How to plan your Bedroom in the correct way. Few Different tips to consider while doing the design and we guess that these ideas are the best tutorial for anyone who is planing the work on their own. we discussed some bedroom planning tips in this video.

Bedroom එක හදන්න planකරනකොට මතක තියාගන්න ඕන කරුණු කීපයක් අපි දන්න විදියට ඔයාලට කියලා දෙන්න හිතුවා

It’s not impossible to arrange the bedroom like a hotel room.
If you can maintain the room properly day-by-day. you’ll be able to live in a modern – relaxing room every day.

Manufacturing costs can be managed by yourself doing part by part as per your Budget and Requirement.

1. Ceiling | windows | Flooring | Wiring | Lighting
2. AC needed or not
3. Built -In-Furniture (Wardrobe | Writing Table | Bedside Table | Dressing Mirror | TV Cupboard )
4. Separate Closet area or Separate Laundry Area
5. Bed Back wall – Wallpaper | Wood or any material
6.Bed, Bed Base, Head Board, Mattress
7. Window Curtain | Blinds
8. Bed Linen | Pillows | Pillowcases | Bed Runner
9. Floor Rugs – If Needed
10. Wall Paintings | Bedside Lamps | Decorative Items

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Plan your bedroom well.
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