Bloxburg: 3 living room ideas!

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β™‘Open meβ™‘

Hello cherriesss,
So today I have some super cute and aesthetic living room designs for you! These are cheap and don’t require gamepasses either!!
sub goal: Can we hit 60 subs?? ty for 50 πŸ˜€

β†’ important links

β˜† follow my instagram –
β˜† follow my roblox profile –

β†’ upload schedule

β˜† Tuesday
β˜† Saturday
( I don’t have a specific time but you can expect videos both of those days. NOTE: Sometimes if I don’t post
means I still have some editing left but I will upload it in a day or two )

β†’ frequently asked questions

β˜† what do you use to record, edit and make thumbnails?
record – OBS studio
edit – Shotcut
thumbnails – Pixlr and Adobe Spark

β˜† How do you make your gfx?
I have a tutorial on how to make your gfx!…

β˜† music credits β˜†
I do not own any of the music, and credit goes to the rightful owners

β˜† Thank you so much for watching β˜†
If you made it this far, then comment “lemon”

xoxo, Lemon_cherryy


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