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When you’re trying to select a new kitchen for your home it can be a little overwhelming, as there’s so many style to choose from and an endless supply of colours, accessories, flooring and appliances to choose from.

If you’re looking for a kitchen with plenty of character which also has a homely, traditional feel then a country style kitchen design might be perfect for you.

There are a few subtle variations in the traditional country kitchen design styles which can help you find the perfect match. In this video we look at a few of the most popular styles – English country kitchens, French country kitchens, Tuscan country kitchens and Farmhouse country kitchens.

What Is A Country Kitchen?

The loose definition of a country kitchen on one modelled in the traditional farmhouse style. This typically means spacious, informal and traditional is what comes to mind when people think of this style.

It often serves as a multipurpose room, with cooking and eating at the core of its function. It tends to be used as a meeting point for the family, encouraging them to spend time together talking, eating and enjoying each other’s company.

There are several design elements which are common in the majority of country kitchens.

Flooring tends to be stone or hardwood. Traditional style appliances and fixtures are generally favoured over the modern style. The colour scheme should be light and welcoming, and accessories should complement the overall farmhouse kitchen feel.

Different Styles

Within the broad definition of country style kitchen there are some slight variations, each with their own distinct style. These are:

French Country Style Kitchens – These aim to capture the feel of a rural country kitchen in France. Wood and earth toned colours are prevalent, and it tends to be a more food-focused kitchen than the other styles.

The fixtures will often feature ornate wooden carvings, and it’s rare that the wood would be painted. Warmer tones and graining are often preferred to give the room a more ‘lived in’ feel.

Fixture components are traditionally ornate, and are usually made with brass, bronze of iron. The complex style of traditional cabinets means they’re hard to find in shops = most are custom made for each kitchen.

The final common element is leaving cookware and utensils on display in the kitchen.

English Country

The English kitchen style is also heavily influenced by traditional countryside farms and cottages, with a mixed focus of comfort and food preparation. Some may feature a sofa or armchairs, and families will tend to congregate in the kitchen throughout the day.

Antique white and warm creams tend to be popular colours, and the types of fabric used include bold floral patterns and checked tablecloths and towels.

Flooring will be flagstone or hardwood, and those looking for a more modern style often go with a darker wooden floor.

Painted cabinets are commonplace, and popular accessories include traditional copper pots, tea sets and antique styled utensils.

Tuscan Country

For those looking for a beautiful kitchen with a warm, homely feel a Tuscan style country kitchen could be the perfect fit.
The focus of the room tends to be entertaining the family, with a huge focus on food, fun and conversation. Maple and similar woods are the typical choice, with colours like terracotta a popular theme.

As with the other styles, leaving cookware and utensils on display is commonplace.


Food preparation is usually the focus of a farmhouse kitchen, with large worktops being used to prepare meals that would have traditionally been grown and reared right outside your door.

A farmhouse kitchen also serves as a dining room, and a sturdy wooden table is often the main focal point of the room. Other style elements are similar to the other styles – warm colours, wooden floors and a family feel all work together to form the farmhouse kitchen style.


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