Dining Room Decoration Tips

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Dining Room Decoration Tips – as part of the home design series by GeoBeats.

A dining room can be a very exciting place to decorate. It can be fun, and whimsical, it is a place where you can entertain, or have an intimate dinner for two. So whatever you want to use your dining room for, think about the use and set it up accordingly. This dining room, for example, is not very large so I had to make sure that I put in a table that you could easily walk around to serve your guests. And also I put in a buffet for storage. One of the most useful pieces you can buy for your dining room, besides the table, is a nice buffet. You can serve food off the top, and store your placemats, serving platters, napkin rings, napkins and anything else that you need to hold for your dinner.

When working with a monochromatic scheme it is very exciting to pop colors like in artwork or accessories, off of your monochromatic background. This is a way that you can throw in different colors without off-putting the eye. A rug can be a fantastic visual piece for your dining room. But just remember solid colors are going to get dirty very easily, as will light colors. I chose this rug because it had a variation of pattern and texture and it hides any sort of spills or stains. And do not forget to have fun. Try to add the ‘fun’ to function. And, play off of some whimsical pieces that people will enjoy and have a conversation piece. And these are my tips on how to decorate a truly terrific dining room.


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