Dining Room Design and Decor – Tips and Ideas (Part 1)

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Dining Room Design and Decor – Tips and Ideas – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

I am Robin Baron from Robin Baron Design and Simplifying Fabulous. We are here to talk about dining rooms today. I am going to give you tips, ideas and trends that will help you transform your dining room into your simply fabulous. One thing I love about dining rooms is having a round table. It creates a really great conversation area. Nobody has to worry about being so far down the table from each other, and this particular table has a really special thing about it. It is a little secret you would never find in such a formal looking table, and that is the Lazy Susan. What makes this Lazy Susan unique is that it is set in to a formal, traditional looking table. That is something I had never seen until I saw this table.

One of the other reasons I like a round table is because it allows you to really play with the chairs. There is no head of the table so you do not have to worry about having a his and her head of the table chair, you can mix it up. Here we have mixed up armchairs in with side chairs and we have mixed up the fabric as well. Being the color diva, I love to work with color and in this case it is all in warm, rich, neutral tones. It is also playing with texture and pattern. This is a velvet and this is a Chanille velvet, and stripes and florals. I love mixing patterns as much as I love mixing colors. It is another great way to make something unique for you.

One of my tips of mixing patterns and colors is to keep the floor neutral, like this Tibetan rug that we used here. It is a nice neutral color. It picks up the neutral color in these chairs with the texture as well as the pattern in the chair that has the floral pattern on it. It helps ground the room when you use a neutral floor with pattern on the upholstery. It gives it a nice, serene and pulled together look. Another thing that is important to bear in mind in a dining room, it is very tempting to keep everything at the same height, your table, your chairs, your buffet piece but what helps to add drama is to have a tall piece in your dining room. Your eye has to move through a space. It has to be engaged. Your eye’s engaged, your mind’s engaged so it would not feel flat and boring.

This piece right here is a beautiful example. It is a transitional style. A combination of a classic look with clean lines. It adds to the traditional feeling of the table, but spins it just a little bit more contemporary. Another beautiful detail here is mixing metal with wood. That is one combination I love, and I really encourage you to take that leap and think out of the box and mix your materials. Mix light and dark color woods, mix metal with woods. It creates another interesting focal point for you in the room. It is the details that make great design.


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