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Download the template here: (20 cm diameter, 10 copies) (10 cm diameter, 5 copies)

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In this video tutorial, I will show you how to make a puzzle lampshade/lantern from the template for your home/room decor. This lamp/lantern is a dodecahedron, which contains 12 pentagons made up with 30 template units.

This DIY lamp is quite easy to make. Although the construction is quite simple, the pattern on the surface is beautiful to watch, when the light is turned on. This lamp is also quite suitable for the table top decoration if you have a suitable fixture.

For lamp construction, I recommend using papers with 180 gsm thickness or above. You may tape around the lamp opening to further secure the hanging light fixture.

For your safety, please use low energy or LED globe.

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Music source – CC-BA-3.0
Artist: Kevin MacLeod – Luminous Rain, Pride


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