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Hi guys!!! How to make a beautiful wall art from old CDs and DVDs? It is very easy! If you liked this simple idea of ​​room decor, like and subscribe to the channe pleasel!

DVD (CD) discs
hot glue gun
foam board or cardboard
the basis of the panel is foam board. But you can use cardboard. It can be painted black or glued black paper.

CD discs can not be divided. They consist of one layer. They boil to become softer and easier to cut.
DVD discs can be divided into two parts. They consist of two layers.

If you use DVD discs:
Boil your DVDs in water for about 5 minutes
Remove from the water
Place in cold water
Let dry
Separate the layers of the disc
Insert a knife in between the two layers of the DVD, and gently wiggle it to pry the layers apart
Cut out leaf-shaped pieces . One leaf 3,5х7см (1,37х2,75 in)
Glue leaves to cardboard or foam board 30х40см (11.8×15.7 in)

If you use CD discs:
Boil your CDs in water for about 3 minutes (to make the CD softer and to make them easier to cut)
Remove from the water
Cut out leaf-shaped pieces . One leaf 3,5х7см (1,37х2,75 in)
Glue leaves to cardboard or foam board 30х40см (11.8×15.7 in)


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