DIY Room Decor! Fun & Creative Home Decoration Ideas!

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DIY room decor – simple and easy room decorating ideas and crafts projects! Go to for 15% off your order! This video has been sponsored and approved by Raycon.

These room décor ideas are great for small rooms, teenagers bedroom and entire family apartment or house. In this room makeover video I show lots of easy DIY room décor ideas for boys or girls plus a room tour of my colorful bedroom. My room crafts and DIY projects will transform your room into a explosion of fun!

Jar aquarium is a beautiful room decorating idea for summer and all year around! It is so fun to make and requires only a few necessities, which you probably already have at home!

Flower lamp! Why buying an expensive lamp when you can transform a cheap one into something so pretty. This decoration is perfect for girly girls who like flowers and princess style decorations. Change the color of your flowers or stick on colorful pom poms, sea shells or other decoration pieces to perfectly fit the vibe of your room.

Can a car make epic room décoration ideas? Of course it can! My car and I show you how to make a bunch of wall art crafts! These were so fun to make and look amazing in my room.

DIY Giant pillow! Sometimes you just need to unwind and relax. In these cases a giant pillow is a must have. Make the biggest pillow in the world! It’s easy, inexpensive and perfect for relaxing days!

DIY pom pom wall décor! Plain white walls are no fun so let’s pimp them up with a cool pom pom initials decoration! Instead of initials you can make a pom pom heart, star or other shape of choice.

Having a positive motivational quote near your bed when you wake up, will instantly put you in a better mood. I love my “adventure is out there” wall art as it reminds me that every day is an adventure you just have to get out of bed and see what today has to offer.

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