Drawing Room Design & Decoration I Dining Room Design Ideas I How to decorate a Drawing Room?

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In this video, we’re providing some very useful tips for your drawing room design & decoration as well as for dining room decoration also. Here you’ll get some expert ideas to decorate a Drawing room & Dining room. Drawing room is very important room of a house, hence its design & decoration should be very appealing… so watch the video till the end…

Here are some tips:
*Color Scheme with lighter & calm tones
*Main wall can be bright or dark colored.
*Door/window colors matching with walls or brown by default
*Transparent window glasses to ensure sufficient lighting
*In case of small space, furniture should not create obstacles in walking.
In case of bigger spaces… make 2 sitting arrangements
1) Formal sitting – A group of sofa sets and chairs
2) Couches with sofa

*A big Painting in front of main door of drawing room/ or bright paint on this wall, this wall work as focal point and will grab attention of the guests.

*If your room have some in-built shelves in walls, ceramic or brass decorative items can be put there. but make sure to use these items in limited quantity only…. Books will also be a great option to be kept in such niches.

*Use soft toys – Get decorative pots painted/ Keep a statue in corner/

*Telephone/ table lamp/ any other decorative item on side tables of sofa sitting

*Carpet below center table in sitting area

*Size of dining table
Small space = Small dining table suggested to be kept in corner
Big space = dining table in center
*Refrigerator & Crockery Unit
Decorative item on refrigerator
*crockery units
Use some decorative items in crockery units with crockery

*Wash basin in dining area merging in room walls
modern or ethnic big mirror on wash basin according to your interiors
*Upholstery of dining table, matching mat on table.
flower pot or any decorative item on dining table
*An attractive hanging light on dining table
*Family pictures collage on any wall or any grand painting

*Carpet in dining area
*Service counter

*Flower pot in drawing or dining room


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