Great Dining Room Ideas – Decor and Tips (Part 3)

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Dining Room Design and Decor – Tips and Ideas (Part 3) – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

Let us have a picnic. This table is an upscale version of a picnic table. It has wide board planks. It is done in a natural oak that is been stained and highlighted with a grey color to really bring out the grainy in it. Really interesting. Adds some color. Adds a really bit of punch to an otherwise wood table. This is one of my favorite epipheral Louis Whitman pieces. You could extend the table by putting pieces on the ends, making it a refractory type table. This is a lot of versatility. You could use it in a kitchen. You could use it in a dining room.

And what is cool about it is because of the shape of it and they type of texture of it, you could mix all kinds of different chairs and create a really cool, interesting look. None of these chairs match but, it somehow looks really great together and a piece behind me is a matching piece that is a buffet or a sideboard. Same kind of finish and what I love about this piece is that we are mixing materials. I am all about mixing materials. I think it makes things interesting. Here we have the metal with this wood and I think that it is an interesting way to make it feel a little bit more industrial, a little bit less picnic, and a lot more upscale.


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