INTERIOR DESIGN | How To Create Budget-Friendly Living Room Wall Decor That Looks Expensive

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This video shows you how to create living room wall decor that looks really cute while sticking to a budget.

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I show you exactly how I designed and created the living room wall decor I have in my apartment.

The living room is one of the main places in my apartment that all my friends and family were going to see when they came over so I wanted to make sure that it looked really cute.

This wall was BIG and I wanted it to look expensive, without it actually being expensive.

I was able to do this entire wall for under $200. Considering everything I have going on, that’s an amazing deal!! Usually, just those picture frames would add up to $200.

This video takes you through the entire process so you can create a similar apartment living room wall decor in your own home. #interiordesign #livingroomdecoratingideas #apartmentmakeover #apartmentdecorating

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-36×48″ canvas:
-Modeling Paste:
-Artist Loft Paint:
-Rub N’ Buff in Gold Leaf:

Black Frames:

Picture Lights:
-Rub N’ Buff in Gold Leaf:

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