Kids Toys Organization – Ideas to Categorize, Organize & Store in Kids Room & Play Area

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Hi! This video is about Organizing kids’ toys. I will show you how I have a created an organizing system that can efficiently categorize, organize & store toys in the kids’ room. The ideas that are used are apt for an Indian scenario of the size of rooms that we have.

Please find the various links to the organizers that I mentioned above:

1. Baskets for storing lego:
2. Storage box with compartments (ideal for storing lego)
3. Yellow laundry basket:
4. Plastic Storage box with lock and wheel (25 Liters)
5.Plastic Container Box – 30Liter
6. Garbage bag dispenser (in which I have kept outdoor toys)
7. Over the door organizer for barbies etc
8. Wall shelves for small toys:
9. Floor shelves:
10. Toy Storage bins:
Link to ‘Simplify Your Space’ video:
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