Luxury Modern Dining Room Living Room – Interior Design Ideas

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Luxury Modern Dining Room Living Room – Interior Design Ideas

Houses with a large space would have a different experience in decorating its interior. Wide space allows unlimited design exploration, ranging from determining the type of color and pattern walls, deciding ceilings’ style to selecting furniture and accessories to the whole room. Houses with a large space will allow using the concept of modern luxury which most of this concept needs huge components. The living room and dining room are semi-public spaces that need to be maximized because it is a place that is not only used alone but also as a gathering place with relatives and friends. Therefore, the two spaces will have an extraordinary view.

The concept of the modern luxury interior can use an earth color scheme like white, beige, brown and it can also be added with a touch of gold for accessories or frame art painting (00:43). It is because gold, gray or metal color adding the elegance in space (01:48). The use of lights at some points of the walls and ceiling can also increase to the impression of luxury in the room (2:58 & 06:37). Downlight and invisible lamps can be an option (03:37 & 05:36). The combination of black and white alone is also able to make the modern-style living room become lively (09:07).

On the other side, the interior concept is with a classic touch that can use large windows with maximized curtains equipped with rugs and large wooden furniture (00:37 & 00:57). Popular colors used for luxury interiors with a touch of classic include gold color (04:28), shades of brown (05:18 & 06:33) or white and gray monochrome (07:07).

Living room with warm wood domination can also be a stylish luxury. Exploration of a sloped wooden ceiling design with large windows from the floor to the ceiling can be a warm side in luxurious style (06:07). A sloping wooden ceiling with built-in furniture made of the same wood and coupled with a chandelier provides a high-class atmosphere (08:02). Vertical geometry shades applied to sofas, lamps, and walls can be a retro-style luxury in the living room (07:20).

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