Master Plan: Modern design in a home of two halves

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If you like architecture, modern house designs, or want design inspiration of your own home, then Master Plan is the series for you. Featuring some of Australia’s most incredible builds, created by some of Australia’s most talented architects, Master Plan showcases some of Australia’s best dream homes.

In this instalment of Master Plan, Australian architect Mick Moloney from Moloney Architects gives us a tour of the stunning house he designed in regional Victorian hub, Ballarat. Why is this home such an inspiring build? Because it’s a home of two halves.

This means that the design features two identical buildings that sit parallel to each other, with a hallway connecting them in the middle. One half is the ‘social’ side, featuring the kitchen and living areas, while the other is the ‘private’, which holds the bathrooms and bedrooms.

The house is designed so that the social areas are more open plan, with a bench seat that runs the circumference of this half of the house, so that you can sit and hang out in every room, with wider landscape views to give it an open feel. Meanwhile, the private side is more intimate and less open-plan, with glimpses of the surrounding bushland.

The idea for splitting the house in two came about through the desire for a north-facing aspect in more areas of the house, to capitalise on natural light. By splitting the house in two, the living areas could face south and get grand landscape views, while simultaneously having windows to the north.

The house of two halves is a stunning example of modern, innovative architectural design.

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