Minecraft: 40+ Medieval Decoration Ideas

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In this medieval Minecraft tutorial you will see how to design 40+ cool and easy medieval decoration ideas in survival Minecraft! If you build a Minecraft castle or kingdom these are the tricks and decoration ideas to use to decorate your medieval houses and streets! Use the shown medieval furniture as an inspiration and idea to your Minecraft world. You will find cool decoration ideas for all parts of your minecraft medieval kingdom in this tutorial. There are easy furniture designs for your bedroom, living room, kitchen, streets and even prison.

Decorate you medieval minecraft castle with these decoration ideas and I’m sure your kingdom will look epic! Light up your minecraft castle with cool lighting designs and decorate the streets with cute plants. Create a medieval banner for your Minecraft kingdom and be the king of your world. Add as many details as possible. Choose your favorite designs and go use them now. Write your favorite decoration in the comments! πŸ™‚

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I could go on hours with builds like these! In case you already watched the video: What do you think, should there be a part 2? There are definitely more awesome furniture!

You can use these examples however you want to. I recommend you to vary the shape or the materials. Just playing around with these things helped me a lot in my past to improve my building skills. πŸ™‚

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0:00 – Bedchamber
3:37 – Storage
5:36 – Kitchen
9:04 – Dining Hall
11:52 – Prison Cell
13:21 – Extras

I hope you good, BBlocks! πŸ™‚


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