Our Favorite Scandinavian Living Room Decor Ideas

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A Scandinavian style living room has the characteristics of a large, spacious and bright space in white and light color palette, but sometimes can have a dramatic look with the walls in dark gray or blue. The contrast and color accents highlight the materials, patterns and textures. The space is generous with the white color and natural wood predominance. Not too many decorative accessories. Few, but high-quality furniture pieces in colors that contrast and complement with the white hues of the room overall décor.
Large windows that let plenty of natural light to get inside. Gorgeous hardwood floors throughout. Warm and comfortable interiors (fireplaces and large sofas decorated with many decorative pillows).
Watch this video. You’ll discover here almost seventy ones of the best (in our opinion) of living room designs I Scandinavian style.

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1. So Curious – Daxten
2. Do Not Let Me Go – Gamma Skies
3. Give My All to You – waykap


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