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Hello friends welcome back to SEMIS semeera.
Today am going to show u a very easy and simple paper craft.its a costless and timeless diy room decor especially for kids..they will love it..
For making thos we required
1.newspaper or any colour paper..if u have green colour paper that is enough to do it..
2.craft wire or any other wire
4.colour paper
5.a small dry branch. .its easily available in ur garden.

I here used a small dry branch and newspaper to make the look of the product is superb.. we can hang it in our room especially in kids room or playing area..all kids will love flowers and will give a pleasant and joyful mood to your kids..this craft work is very costless..pls try it and let me know the feedback..thankyou for watching my dears..if u like the video pls like,share,comment and pls do subscribe..stay tuned with SEMIS HUB..



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