Small Minimalist Living Room Tour -Minimalism with Kids!

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So excited to share with you our new living room tour! We live in a small house in Southern California and strive for some level of minimalism with kids! We have a toddler and will be welcoming our second baby any day now. 🙂 Our living room is simple, has a boho feel and is relatively minimal and is also kid, baby guest and family friendly! Make sure you subscribe to see my two upcoming decorating video sharing my best decorating tips and then one all about decorating on a budget and saving money decorating your home!

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++Macrame hanging plant holders I’ve been loving!
Neutral with tassel:

++ woven, intricate macrame plant hanger (this one is in our bedroom):

++the best minimal pot for these hanging plants (with tray):

++Curtain clip rings:

++Daybed (this often goes on sale! It was $100 off and I there was an extra 30% off when I purchased 🙂 ) :


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