Teaser | A Moroccan Inspiration | Ashish & Shweta's Home @ Brigade Cosmopolis

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Mr. Ashish Singh and Mrs. Shweta Singh’s Moroccan styled home is stylish and strong, synchronizing with the power couple’s personality. Named after the ocean creature, Daphne is enriched in shades of blue; sailing with carved panels, curved profiles and beaded shutters.

The client’s stylish, smart and modern characteristics vibe with the classy, spacious and smooth details of its interiors.

A soulful experience can be witnessed in the comfortable living rooms that has ample seating with an open Puja unit uniquely designed through a Moroccan featured, hand-painted, feather panel. Patterned tiles, stand-alone mural wall, teal wall embedded with crockery plates and semi-open storage cabinets are contributing to being the home’s heroes.

Like a pearl that sets an oyster with preciousness, this home is set apart through the people who own it, who have designed it and the blue shades that unravel themselves in their journey throughout this sea-licious home.

Client Name : Mr. Ashish Singh and Mrs. Shweta Singh
Apartment Name : Brigade Cosmopolis
Location : Whitefield
Size : 4 BHK
Designer : Soumita Roy
Production Artists : Anil & Sanjay
Shot & Edited : Sagar Shankarnarayan

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