THRIFT FLIP – Amazing Diy home decor ideas – Magical, French, Vintage, Whimsical

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Hi Welcome to my description section. I’ve notice that thrifted hauls and thrift flip videos are very popular here on youtube so I decided to have my own take on it. This a thrift flip home decor video. In this video I will show you how to create four amazing thrifted diys to decorate your home. The first project is how to create a magical lamp using candle holders and fairy lights. The second project is how to revamp a candle wall sconce with flowers and crystal beads. As a bonus I also teach you how to diy glitter candles, perfect to decorate any room or for the holidays. The third project is how to create a unique perfume or makeup stand using a corner wall shelf and a candle holder as the base. The final project is how to create a functional but nonelectrical wall sconce accented with crystal beads, roses, and fairy lights. The nonelectrical sconces are perfect for those spaces where you wish you could install a wall sconce but you can’t hot wire it to the wall. Of all these projects the light up sconces are my favorite. Since my bedroom is Beauty and he Beast inspired, the roses inside the glass vase that I used as the sconce’s light bulb cover fits perfectly the theme. I’m planing on using them in my closet tour and transformation video, stay tune because that video will be coming up very soon. All these diys are perfect if you like magical, Disney, French, vintage, whimsical, baroque, victorian, rococo and shabby chic home decor. They would also work to decorate a wedding venue. The concepts of these diys can also be used to create more modern styles, you just have to use your imagination to make them fit your personal style. Don’t forget to check out my boutique to see which of these items I listed for sale. Also, next week I have an exiting project coming up so make sure to subscribe!

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