Wall hanging craft ideas |wall decor diy |Craft ideas for home decor |wall decoration| wall hanging

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Wall hanging craft ideas |wall decor diy |Craft ideas for home decor |wall decoration| wall hanging

Hey guys…
Welcome to ‘ Kalyani’s corner’.If u like arts and crafts,beauty tips,nailart, paper works,DIY,reviews on products,best out of waste and lots of creativities..so this channel is absolutely for u.
This week’s video is a compilation of easy and elegant wall hanging ideas to try during lockdown.These wall hanging ideas are very easy and can be easily done with things at home.These craft ideas or diy crafts would certainly add a new elegance and charm to ur living space.

Dimensions :

Cardboard circles :
2 pieces- 4 inches diameter
2 pieces- 3.5 inches diameter
3 pieces- 3 inches diameter
3 pieces- 2.5 inches diameter

Cardboard stripes of 1 inch width:
2 large stripes- 24 inches length
4 medium stripes- 18 inches length
3 small stripes- 12 inches length

This is very unique wall hanging which can be done with nylon ropes,paper and cardboard.These has a nice blend of uniqueness & simplicity.You would be amazed to see the materials used to make these decor ideas.
I have tried to utilise multiple simple things around us to make these amazing, elegant and unique wall hanging room decor ideas in our channel.

Try this diy wall hanging home decor idea and let me know ur inputs and comments. Here I’m showing how to make wall hanging using cardboard ,paper and nylon ropes….easy and simple way to make wall hanging for home decor ideas,wall hanging craft ideas with paper,wall hanging craft ideas easy,wall hanging with paper.
If u like this best out of waste diy wall decor ideas wall hanging tutorial ,you are welcome to share this wall decoration ideas to ur family and friends.and if u have any suggestions,give us ur inputs in the comment section.
Also don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, this would help us both grow and is a great motivator to create more innovative DIYs.

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Thanks to ‘Gadac diy’ for this beautiful idea☺️
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