White and Baby Blue Star Kids Curtains HDCN1703291027466

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The curtain in white and baby blue color looks fresh and it can create a graceful environment. The star pattern makes the curtain more cute and elegant. People usually choose the curtain to decorate the kids room to create a Mediterranean environment. The curtain combines the linen and cotton fabric together, so it is Eco-friendly and breathable. It touches soft and smooth. And there is no chemical elements in it. The print craft is non-toxic and firm, so it is safe for kid’s health and the color of the star pattern will not be faded easily. It makes the star pattern more vivid and chic. The curtain and the room looks more graceful. The sheer curtain is in the same pattern with the cloth curtain. And it also takes advantage of the print craft. The sheer curtain looks not too monotonously. The sheer curtain can block the strong light and make the indoor light soft. The cloth curtain can protect kid’s privacy and give kids a safe and free space.


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